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Create your website! OfficeWebMaster is a service that help you builds and maintains the website.

OfficeWebMaster is for companies that need to build high-quality webpages and run stably at a reasonable cost.
Companies that need to run the website actively rather than leave it as it is and want to execute promotion / marketing through their websites need a webmaster.
Webmaster provides customized feature, maintenance, and content management system that you can manage systematically by yourself.

Why OfficeWebMaster?

Customers who need OfficeWebMaster

▪ Companies that need to promote and do marketing through the website
▪ Companies that do not have an expert of IT development and operation
▪ Companies that build and manage their websites through 3rd party
▪ Companies that need regular maintenance
▪ Companies that need to build high-quality website and run stably at a reasonable cost
▪ Companies that need systematic security management for website

OfficeWebMaster features and services

▪ High-quality website creation
▪ Affordable creation and operation costs
▪ Safe and stable website operation
▪ Update website regularly with annual subscription
▪ Link advertisements of a company, product, and website.
▪ Systematic management and integration of additional services

Corporate : Jiran family
Public Institute : Korea Institute of Health and Medical Information
Education : Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Public Institute : Sejong Welfare Resource Platform
Education : Chungnam National University Foundation for Entrepreneurship
Public Institute : Osong High-tech Medical Industry Promotion Foundation

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OfficeWebMaster is a service that builds, operates, and manages corporate websites.

We'd like to discuss about the website creation with a professional web designer and an expert developer.

[Concept of website decision]
All companies and organization have their websites.
What you want to express according to the form of the website is very important.
Therefore, we will provide you with a reasonable price based on the production schedule and market value.

[Website layouts]
Once the concept have been decided, we will start working on the layouts.
Website layouts includes content to create, pages to create, directory structure, menu structure, etc.
Directory structure is very important for website SEO perspective.

We will build a website securely and suitably according to the user's needs.

[Website design]
We will think of purpose of the website and review the function and layouts.
Our experiences of best UI and UX design will allow us to build an efficient website.

[Website coding]
Webmaster's technology will determine the quality of the website as it depends on the technical level of the builder rather than the customers.
We will review the details and ensure that it is being built properly.

OfficeWebMaster main features

Build your website

Trendy and customizable website at a reasonable cost

Regular update of website

Update website regularly with annual subscription

Reasonable cost

Build high-quality website and run stably at a reasonable cost

UI/UX design for users

User-friendly UI/UX design makes users to use the website more effectively

B2B SaaS format

Website design and coding based on the plans and discussion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize the website to increase visibility in search results

Various services for companies are also linked and built.

+ Online recruitment solution / + Online meeting room / + Various enterprise solution series
Various functions of OfficeWebMaster
More Info

Process of OfficeWebMaster

The process of high quality website including web/mobile version, responsive web design, UI/UX, web standard, branding design, maintenance, social media integration, Search Engine Optimization, and reasonable cost.

1. Discussion

Have a discussion with us on how you want to build the website (concept and the purpose) and calculate estimated costs

2. Contract

Sign a contract and pay for the website
(Provide the reasonable costs with the reasons)

3. Planning and layout

Review the request and layout the website

4. Design and coding

UI/UX design, concept design, and publishing

5. Development

Design and develop customized functions and build a content management system

6. Complete

Final review and editing