/ Messenger for business. Send the report in the message form + Collaboration in chatroom /

OfficeMessenger is a messenger for business that enables secure sharing of various business data and support collaboration and communication.

A communication tool that everyone needs. It can be managed separately from personal social messenger. OfficeMessenger supports two ways to communicate with people. One is an email-format message that you can send report or attachment files, and the other is chatroom where you can communicate with one or multiple people for collaboration.
File/folder sharing and saving feature allow you to have a strong security. Also, you can quickly and efficiently work with filtering and detail search feature.

Why OfficeMessenger?

Send the report in email-format message, collaborate with chatroom, strong security to keep your data! OfficeMessenger is a secure and efficient e-messenger.

Easy-to-work e-messenger

- There are 2 ways to communicate on OfficeMessenger. An email format message and a chatroom.
- Easy and user-friendly UI
- PC and mobile (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) multi-device support

E-messenger that is expert in business security

- Set download area based on IP address
- Block download files on the mobile devices
- Encryption and private chat room

E-messenger that is efficient to use

- Set up my and company organization chart
- Mini notification
- Read receipts and recall a message
- Large file transfer and folder sharing and saving feature is provided
- Quick filtering and detail search

E-messenger that is economical to use

- Reasonable price compared to other messengers
- Support cloud or on-premise version

List Cloud On-premise
Service type Cloud type Deploy servers in the company
Max transfer capacity per file (folder) 200MB 200MB(※ The option can be changed)
File(folder) download period 2 weeks Unlimited
Message archive period in Server 1 year Semi-permanent
Device support Window XP higher, Android 4.4 higher, Mac OS 10.13higher, iOS 9.0 higher
Price 10,000 won per 1 user / yr. Contact us