OfficeCloud provides must-have solutions for your office.

Various business solutions

We provide a variety of solutions that can transform a company's work environment into digital and increase efficiency, such as corporate-only messenger, video conference solution, wired and wireless network management, and digital signage.

Remote working support solution

Enterprise-only messenger, enterprise-only online conference room/video conferencing solutions, and file sharing services are essential services for remote work. It's dedicated to the enterprise, making it more secure and optimizing your environment.

Reasonable cost, Simple Purchase and Use

Office Cloud is a cloud SaaS service that does not require a separate server. It can be conveniently introduced and applied at a reasonable cost. You can use the services you need as long as you need

Service management through cloud

Office Cloud is a service operated and managed through the cloud. It is possible to support and manage necessary work through remote access from anywhere, and employees can safely use the service.

OfficeCloud will become a business supporter who grows with your company.

Through 25 years of software development know-hows, OfficeCloud has learned what solutions companies need. We provide an environment that makes your work and collaboration more convenient and efficient.

We will continue to work hard to develop solutions that companies need and provide good products for startups through OfficeCloud.